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Sara Ben Zid
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Jewelry Design: A Unique Workshop Experience with CHANEL UAE


The world of jewelry design is a realm of craftsmanship, where artistry meets precision. A recent opportunity to teach a workshop to CHANEL’s retail sales team showcased the beautiful interplay of these elements. The workshop conducted, under the International Gemological Institute (IGI), allowed CHANEL’s sales team members to explore gouache jewelry design techniques.

Mastering Gouache Techniques in Jewelry Design

The core of the workshop was hands-on training in traditional gouache techniques. They learned to construct the brilliant cut and paint a realistic colorless diamond. The workshop facilitated an understanding and enabled the team to appreciate the value and tremendous skills of jewelry designers. This comprehensive training equipped the sales team with tools by understanding the artistry behind the craftsmanship, the team is now better positioned to relay these stories to customers.

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