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Sara Ben Zid

Article Arabian watches and jewelry magasine

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An industry full of brilliance, fire, and endless fascination.

The world of gemology and jewelry design are an exhilarating cosmos of color and light, where each gemstone tells a unique tale of geological transformations, time, and human craftsmanship.

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As the Provost & Creative Head of the Education Department at IGI Middle East, my mission was to shed light on the vast career opportunities within the gemology and jewelry design industry. A gemology education at IGI opens doors to a myriad of exciting careers, from gemologists, jewelry designers, appraisers to sales experts, and even academic scholars.
Understanding these career paths can empower the students, providing clarity and guidance
for their professional journey.

I had the privilege to delve into the myriad facets of this fascinating discipline, explaining various educational mediums and their tangible value in the industry. It’s a journey worth sharing, one that found recognition in the illustrious pages of the February-March 2023 edition of Arabian Watches & Jewellery Magazine.

Robert Wan x Sara Ben Zid collaboration
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