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Sara Ben Zid

About the artist:

Sparkling Destiny: A Journey into the World of Art, Gems and Jewelry.

More about me:

In the celestial journey of life, our destiny intertwines with our inner passion, and immediately a profound love affair begins. For me, that story took roots in the glimmering world of gems and jewelry. As the stars aligned, I embarked on a voyage that would forever change my life.

I am Sara Ben Zid, a graduate gemologist and professional jewelry designer. Born amidst the rich heritage of Belgium, and finding solace in the vibrant city of Dubai, I discovered early on that the addiction for gems and jewelry transcends borders, fusing the Occident with the Orient. My education at L’École des Beaux Arts in Brussels set the stage for my destiny as an artist, but it was in the diamond city of Antwerp, after becoming a graduate gemologist at the prestigious HRD Antwerp, that I truly delved into the heart of these precious rocks.

My love affair and inner passion transported me to Dubai, a haven of luxury and opulence, and a city of golden sands with an impressive skyline. Working with renowned jewelry brands and esteemed gemological institutes, I delved deeper into the intricate world of luxury retail, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise. My insatiable thirst for learning led me to pursue an MBA in luxury brand management and marketing, a transformative experience that refined my understanding of the industry.

The artist in me was profoundly awakened once more, as I joined in 2020 the International Gemological Institute (IGI), graduating as a professional jewelry designer. This milestone bestowed upon me the power to create and design, to transform stories and beliefs into wearable art, and to assist local talents to become emerging designers.

In 2023, and with over a decade of expertise that I put at reach in the region, I’m following my exciting journey with the prestigious L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts, supported by Van Cleef & Arpels in the Middle East.

This journey of self discovery led me to a bigger understanding of the world of Jewelery and gemstones.
Beyond their sparkle lies a deeper narrative. They are not only objects of beauty; but they carry within profound symbolism, cultural myths and heritage, and stories of human triumphs and desires.

Always dream big, create emotions

and embrace your learning journey!